No Specifications
Mettetech Industries can help you with your product and component specification. We will provide you with a complete specification package.

No Build Instructions
Mettetech Industries will create build instructions and assembly drawings for your product or assembly. Build instructions will be generated as we build your prototype or from your design notes or from an engineering sample.

No Bill of Material
Mettetech Industries will produce a Bill of Material during the process of building your prototype using your design notes or component specification.

No CAD Mechanical Drawing
Mettetech Industries will take your engineering sketches and turn them into CAD drawings ready for part manufacturing. We can also develop mechanical drawings during the prototype build.

No Electrical Drawings
Mettetech Industries will take your engineering sketches or draft schematic and provide you with interconnect and schematic diagrams using schematic capture.

No Part Numbering System
Mettetech Industries would like to talk to you about your part numbering system and inventory control. You can use our standard system or we can generate a custom system to meet your requirements.

Need Prototypes
Mettetech Industries provides full prototyping services.

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