No Bill of Material
Mettetech Industries will produce a Bill of Material using your design notes schematic or component specification.

No Build Instructions
Mettetech Industries will add component reference numbers to the Bill of Material using your schematic reference numbers. Build notes can also be added to the Bill of Material.

Need Quick Turn Time
Mettetech Industries’ flexibility will provide you with quick turn time shortening your time to market.

Minimize You Exposure
You do not need to invest in staff, assembly training, facility changes or equipment in the early stages of product development. Let Mettetech Industries produce your Bill of Material.

No Part Numbering System
Mettetech Industries would like to talk to you about your part numbering system and inventory control. You can use our standard system or we can generate a custom system to meet your requirements.

Not sure where to source your material? Mettetech Industries has alliances with metal fabricators, component suppliers, bare board manufacturers, printing companies and many other material sources your project may need.

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