Need to Rework
Mettetech Industries can help you with your rework of electrical and mechanical assemblies. We will rework your assembly or product to your specification.

Why Have Mettetech Rework Your Assembly
You have already invested money and time into your product or assembly. Don’t throw that investment away. There is no need to disrupt your normal production when Mettetech will rework your product or assembly for you.

No Rework Instructions
Mettetech Industries can work from marked drawings, a reworked sample or help you generate rework instructions.

Specification Change
Mettetech Industries will modify your electrical and mechanical assemblies as a result of changes to your specification. When additional assemblies are required take advantage of our proto-typing capabilities.

Modification Documentation
Mettetech Industries will provide you with addendum documentation as a result of the product or assembly modification.

Need Your Process Changed
Mettetech Industries provides a full range of Documentation and Design Control Services.

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