Prototype – First Off – Small Runs

Mettetech Industries supports your prototype builds, first off and small runs needs. Our  small runs area has the flexibility to meet the volume you require.  We also provide a large volume manufacturing line for full run production.

Need a Prototype?

Mettetech Industries can help with your first unit. We can provide you with a prototype completed to spec or work with your design department.

Why Have Mettetech Build Your Prototype

In the early stages of product development there are many uncertainties and expenses. Why hire staff and set up the required support until you have tested the viability of your product? Mettetech Industries can help with product development and samples while providing the most cost effective solution for your project.


Not sure where to source your material? Mettetech Industries has alliances with metal fabricators, component suppliers, bare board manufacturers, printing companies and many other material sources your project may need.

Prototype Build

Mettetech Industries can build a prototype and sales samples to your specification or in conjunction with your design group throughout the product conception stage. Manufacturability and production costs will be taken into consideration during the prototype build.

Safety Sample

Mettetech Industries will build your sample to comply with agency standards for approval. We will then perform an internal audit on your product to help eliminate costly resubmissions.

Need Your Prototype Documented?

Mettetech Industries provides a full range of Documentation and Design Control Services.

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