Need Prototype PCB’s Assembled
Mettetech Industries can help you with your prototype board builds. We will build from quantity 1 to your requirements for engineering samples, sales samples or PCB’s for your pilot run.

No Build Instructions
In early stages build instructions are not available. Mettetech Industries has the technical knowledge to assemble your boards from schematic level documentation. We can also generate build instructions and assembly drawings during the build process.

Low Volume Builds
Do you have a special order for a customer that does not fit your production facilities? Why lose that order when Mettetech Industries will assemble those special order PCB assemblies for you?

Need Quick Turn Time
Mettetech Industries’ flexibility will provide you with quick turn time shortening your time to market.

Minimize You Exposure
You do not need to invest in staff, assembly training, facility changes or equipment in the early stages of product development. Let Mettetech Industries build your early development PCB’s for you.

End of Life Builds
Do you need a limited quantity of PCB’s assembled to finish off a run?
Do you need an archived design built?

Mettetech Industries is the company you can turn to for help.

No Documentation
Mettetech Industries provides full documentation and design control.

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